Workshop at AOMO Conference

Finding Our Voices as Activists
Workshop – with Frankie Armstrong and Darien Pritchard
at AOMO Conference, Liverpool, Thursday 18th August
AoMO2022 Art as Activism(18th-21st August): Draft Conference Programme

How can we keep our energy and our commitment to activism going at a time such as this? By raising our voices together.

We need a belief in our right to make ourselves heard, and we need to find a full-bodied voice that matches our desire to be heard. This workshop is designed to help everyone (regardless of past experience) to find a free, powerful and expressive voice. Frankie, a singer and voice teacher, will be joined by her partner Darien Pritchard, a massage and flexibility teacher, to explore how using the body and breath contribute to finding a vibrant voice, combining ease with power.

We aim to create an enjoyable, supportive ,nonjudgemental atmosphere – with the emphasis on exploration, discovery and play – not “getting it right”. No prior experience is required, just wear loose comfortable clothes for gentle exercises, and bring a water bottle and an open heart and mind.

Frankie has been helping people to ‘find’ their voices for 47 years, as well as being a singer in the peace, women’s and social justice movements since the 1960s.

Workshop: 10am to 1pm, 18th August 2022

Tickets: £50

For further information and Bookings: please contact Darien Pritchard