Voicing the Archetypes of Myth

The Gasworks Studio 27 Narroways Rd,, St. Werburghs, Bristol, United Kingdom

This workshop provides an exciting way to expand and liberate vocal colour, range and expressivity. It uses movement, imagination and storytelling to access a wide range of vocal qualities and expression through exploring figures that inhabit the world’s mythology, such as The Huntress, The Trickster, The Child, The Mother and The Crone. These archetypes are […]


Voicing the Vision – Master classes

European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education conference, Gwent, Belgium Voicing a Vision - Singing truth to power We are, sadly, living through dark times, so we’re all faced with how to respond individually and collectively. Can we find a voice that feels truthful, that expresses our power and our vulnerability, and that can feel strong in protest […]