Voice workshop

The Stables, Lancaster

Frankie will be running a voice workshop at The Stables, Lancaster and  appearing with Wife of Cain in an evening concert. The voice workshop is sold out however there is availability for the evening concert. For further information please email bleazey@woodenflutes.co.uk

Re-wilding The Voice with Frankie Armstrong

This is a chance to play with Breats, Shakes Hiccups, Yodels, slides and improvise around the sounds we hear in other cultures that allow for more freedom and flexibility in their singing.   We will use songs and voices from around the world to inspire us to discover different timbres, ornamentation and scales from those we […]


Body-Breath-Voice course


The Earth in our Voices: This session focuses on the importance of feeling ‘grounded’ (exploring the role of the lower half of the body) for our voices to flow freely through our whole body. Our ancestors lived closer to the earth, which gave their voices power and depth. We will use exercises, and songs and chants […]

Voice workshop at Tate Modern

Tate Modern Bankside, London

June 10-11 Voice workshop as part of International Festival run by TPT (The Performance Theatre) at Tate Modern

Workshop at AOMO Conference

Finding Our Voices as Activists Workshop - with Frankie Armstrong and Darien Pritchard at AOMO Conference, Liverpool, Thursday 18th August https://artofmanagement.org/ How can we keep our energy and our commitment to activism going at a time such as this? By raising our voices together. We need a belief in our right to make ourselves heard, […]