The Garden of Love’

With vocal and instrumental accompaniment by John Kirkpatrick, Joan Mills, Brian Pearson and Leon Rosselson (Fellside Records; FECD 144).

(Enquiries/Mail Order: Paul Adams, Fellside Records. 01900 61556

“It was a real pleasure being able to put into words how much I got from this CD… this collection of songs brings out the haunting, earthy, passionate and emotional pitch that she sings in. She is a superb performer live who will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and this CD wonderfully reflects those performances. Accompanied by a very sympathetic and empathic group of singers and musicians, it came across how much they were enjoying themselves. A rarity in recorded material.

My personal highlights are “Garden of Love”, “All that is Different”, brilliant, crackling with emotion and toe tapping rhythms. “Barbara Allen”, because I knew a girl with the same name (whatever happened to her), a haunting reminder of this classic… “Leap Year”, comic excellence… “The Voice that Lives Inside You”, a rousing finale.

Buy this CD, sit back and soak it up. there will be something here for you. A very professional and well put together collection by people who know what they are doing.”

Alan Sparkes