The Fair Moon Rejoices

Frankie’s earlier album has sold consistently well – her reputation is excellent. This second release is our long awaited CD of the-fair-moonFrankie singing a collection of very powerful, mostly contemporary material, with Joan Mills, Biddy Wells, Peter Stacey, Ben Lawrence, Geoff Haynes and Darien Pritchard – HARCD 027

“… some of the most glorious, evocative, life-affirming folk music put to magnetic tape. Each of its 13 songs is a jewel. Indispensable.”


Folk on Tap.

“The Fair Moon effectively draws together the varied strands of Frankie’s career, with the exception of ballads… The words of William Blake have always had a special place in Frankie’s affections and Mike Westbrook’s settings of “London Song” and “Let the Slave” in colourful new arrangements recall a past collaboration. Ditto the words of Bertholt Brecht and again those of Leon Rosselson, three of whose songs are included. An album packet with the kind of passion we expect from Frankie.”

Keith Hudson


“There’s nothing fragile about Armstrong’s singing. It glows gloriously on Mike Westbrook’s Blake settings and she attacks songs of injustice with honest and impressive conviction, a vigour made all the more striking and dramatic by the album’s taut production.”

The Herald