Frankie with Green Ribbons – Cardiff

Concert, live 25 July (tbc) Cardiff, Wales (7.30pm) Frankie with Green Ribbons (Debbie Armour, Alisdair Roberts and Ben “Jimwoo’ Webb)

Frankie with Robb Johnson and Mike Reinstein – Brighton

Concert, live 5 August MPD, Brighton (7.30pm) Frankie with Robb Johnson and Mike Reinstein in a live concert for Musicians for Peace and Disarmament in commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima - later to be put on youtube

Walk to Greenham Commemoration -Cardiff

Walk to Greenham commemoration Frankie taking part in 40-year commemoration of the start of the Greenham peace march, starting in Cardiff, Wales

MAW live concert (Musicians Against War)

Cornerstone Arts Centre 25 Station Road, Didcot, Oxon

Frankie is taking part in An Evening of Music, Poetry and Talk - Celebrating Women’s voices in protest- alongside the exhibition ‘the Glorious Art of Peace’ see flyer and link

Green Ribbons concert

Chapter Arts Centre Market Rd, Cardiff

Concert - Frankie with Green Ribbons Chapter Arts Centre, Market Place, Cardiff

Reimagining Ageing

Persistence works Studios 21 Brown St, Sheffield

Frankie is singing as part of closing celebrations for the photographic exhibition Hidden Depths - photographed by Laura Page